Front shot of SR-71 Blackbird Mach 3 aircraft

Best Tips for Machining Titanium

Heat resistant, lightweight, strong, and malleable all describe some of the remarkable properties of titanium. Read on to learn how to handle some of the challenges those same great properties present when it comes to machining titanium components.

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Man programming CNC machine

Top Tips for the CNC Programmer

Whether you’ve just graduated from a CNC program or have been turning parts for years, read the following tips and tricks to help you refine your skills and improve your accuracy outcomes.

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metal parts on a glowing orange hot oven floor

The Basics of Heat Treating Metals

Long before blacksmiths were making horseshoes and shaping armor, metalworkers knew that if you heated metal, worked it, and cooled it again, the final mechanical

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Man wearing safety glasses closely watching milling machine drilling into a block of metal

The Basics of Aluminum Machining

Whether you must complete a production run of components or need a few prototypes created for testing, aluminum machining is often the first process that

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Closeup of generic CNC drill equipment. 3D illustration.

What do CNC Machinists do?

A computer numerically controlled (CNC) machinist is a job you may have never heard of before. This job is essential to the manufacturing of

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Modern Manufacturing

The Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing

Melting the Manufacturing Glacier Manufacturing is the glacier of industry. Because production is such a behemoth of material, process, scale, regulation, safety, establishment, and bureaucracy,

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CNC Manufacturing

What is CNC Manufacturing?

What is CNC Manufacturing? At United Scientific, our customers are in the “making things” business. The things that make the world go ‘round. These various

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Innovative Manufacturing

What is Innovative Manufacturing?

What is Innovative Manufacturing? Innovative manufacturing is the creation of cutting edge technologies at a fast pace and for a reasonable price. Many of the

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What is a CNC Machine Shop

What Happens in a CNC Machine Shop?

As the world has shifted over the centuries from agrarian to industrial, the need for quality machines and parts has grown exponentially. Computer Numerical Control

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